The Ladies’ and Men’s league play a fun “Kinder Cup” Tournament.  This year the format was 2 days of two person Best Ball Match Play. The first day the ladies were up 4 – 1.  Day two brought a surprising change of events with 3 matches completed the teams were tied.  The last match of Janet Trimmer and Barb Tierney against Larry Jones and Greg Sansing proved to be one of high intensity.  With a gallery following for two additional holes the ladies held their own and clinched the win. 

Fun was had by all again as they attempted to master the mindfully placed riddles, obstacles and new sports equipment that lay in the path to the goal (or green).  There were 21 teams looking for the bragging rights, and to say they MASTERED the SUPERINTENDENT’S REVENGE.  A picturesque sampling of the tournament is below.

Team of Bill Thompson, Tyler Howerton, Harrel Parker and Mark Bullock took bragging rights for first place, their names will be added to the traveling trophy and they were awarded “Belt Necklaces” as seen in the picture below.